Our Dental Technology in Oswego, IL

Digital Radiography

With the advancements made in the dental industry in the last few years, one of the most significant advancements to practice management and patient satisfaction has been the implementation of Digital Radiography. At Smile Family Dental , we are proud to offer the robust advantages of this technological advancement to our loyal patients. With digital radiography, our team will receive your x-rays directly onto a computer in our office to quickly allow us to detect problems and create a unique plan for upcoming dental treatment.

Intra-oral Camera

Dental technology has embraced high-quality images to help our team diagnose oral problems quickly and easily. Intra-oral cameras allow us to quickly take digital photos of your teeth and gums using an extremely small video camera. During your visit we will show you these images so you can see what our team sees, including cavities, broken or discolored fillings, and more. Our office looks forward to sharing this new dental technology with you during your dental exam.


During your visit our team may use a piece of technology called Isolite. Isolite is a mouthpiece that our team will place in your mouth during dental procedures. This Isolite guard allows the dentist to more easily diagnose and treat you during your visit.

dentist showing x-ray of teeth to patient